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About Us

Horizon Line Films Ltd. is a full-service media communications company located in Halifax Nova Scotia. We offer online solutions for communication & education. This includes instructional, R&D, live streaming and podcasting solutions.

Our Projects

Our projects are diverse in content, execution and presentation. We've worked on everything from FIFA soccer to offshore safety and training tools, to the Royal Wedding. We can work on the ground, in the air or under the sea.

Our Partners

Horizon Line Films Ltd. works with a number of other industry professionals to ensure you get the best people for the job. Our partners include:
Lotta Digital

Our People

  • Heather Rossi

    I’m visual, and I love the process of creation, but I’m aware that the process needs organization.
  • Michael Rossi

    I tell a lot of stories about a lot of different people, places, and events.


Contact us for custom media solutions, consultations and quotes. We also offer daily freelance rates for the camera, editing and directing.
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